Digigraphie by EPSON

Digigraphie® is a label of excellence that requires adherence to specific and prescribed guidelines regarding the production technique in order to meet museum archival standards. To be eligible for the Digigraphie® seal of approval, a work must meet professional standards, which include the use of archival materials for ink and substrate media. At HC Editions we work with archival pigment-based inks in 11 colors of high dynamic range and can provide the specific print media approved for Digigraphie® prints. The limited-edition print produced in the studio is then numbered, stamped, and signed by the artist. The Digigraphie® seal of approval validates the work as a unique edition, while enabling the artist to increase the distribution of works, by printing on demand. In fact, world renowned art museums use Digigraphie® to increase the value of the art prints sold in their shops. 

Art lovers take pride in owning a printed work of art that is recognized for its authenticity, exclusivity and superior value. The use of archival materials in the giclée print ensures that the quality of the work of art does not diminish over time. Art fans who purchase a giclée print are sure to enjoy it for a very long time. We are happy to provide you with the Digigraphie® certificate to confirm the supreme quality of your print.