Project Description


The new METIS DRS 1300 DCS system integrates a fully electronic book cradle that can effectively manage different types of originals such as drawings, maps, papyrus, scrolls, parchments, but also books, atlases and so on. This is the largest book cradle in the world and it is equipped with real pressure sensors and highly sophisticated electronic management. This allows it to be adapted to different digitization needs always maintaining a high level of safety for the original and an optimal configuration required for highest image quality results.The different operational modes of the book cradle are highly customizable by the user as to allow a high productivity and optimization of the workflow.

In addition the DRS 1300 DCS features the DC SynchroLight lighting system and the “Light Inspector” software tool. Combined they enable to scan 3D information and store the depth map of the original together with the color information, making this system particularly suitable for high quality digitization and reproduction in the Fine-Art and Decor Markets.

  • High scanning speed.
  • Perfect zenithal vision.
  • Ability to accept originals up to 130x91cm and 50 cm thick- largest book cradle available on the market.
  • Electronic balance integrated in book cradle can automatically, and in real time, correct the height of the two sides of the book in functions of the detected information of weight and pressure.
  • Originals in contact with the glass are exposed to minimum pressure which is continuously adjusted by the integrated pressure sensors.
  • Automatic control of the scanner and book cradle by foot pedals.
  • The “Light Inspector” tool allows to store all the different light schematics in the same image file with the possibility to vary the light in real time directly by software and without the need to rescan the original.
  • The digital camera integrated into the DRS 1300 DCS system has been vertically motorized in order to achieve an optical resolution of 800PPI (and up to 1600x800PPI) on the A2 format.
  • Highest possible geometrical accuracy allowing for use in the most demanding professional cartography applications.
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