Scanning for Fine Art Reproduction

To reproduce the light and color intricacies of a work of art in large format, the image captured by the scanning device must be of the finest quality and precision. To this end, the Better Light Scanning System is the ultimate choice, as it can produce an image with a higher dynamic range than that captured by any digital camera. Its superior technology renders every nuance of light, shade, color, and depth in sharp focus, with outstanding clarity and detail. The professionals at HC Editions have the skills and know-how to help you make the most of the unique advantages and features of the Better Light Scanner: the exposure and resolution, as well as the color balance and contrast, are controlled and managed in advance. This versatility also gives artists the option to apply unique artistic manipulations which are not available with digital cameras. In addition, our studio is equipped with a High-Intensity Ceramic Discharge Lighting system, which allows for even light distribution, without the heat emitted by conventional light. This combination of scanning and lighting systems produces images that meet museum archiving standards.

  • Resolution of 10,200 x 13,600 pixels
  • Scanned image can be enlarged multiple times over.
  • Extremely large image size, upholding details and color rendition.
  • We can scan virtually all sizes.
  • 16 bit

Scanning for Analog Photography

The preferred choice for scanning of landscape and fine art photography is the Creo/Scitex scanner. The scanner handles both negatives and positives captured on a variety of media, preserving the sharpness and precision of even the smallest detail. Capable of capturing an extensive range of colors, this scanner creates a high-definition printed image that expresses the vibrancy of the highlights as well as the depths of the darker shades. This is essential also for black-and-white photography producing a crisp, yet luminous image. All our scans are done in the Fluid Mount technique to ensure the highest quality possible.

  • Large Format- 4X5 / 8X10

  • Medium Format- 6X6 / 6X7 / 6X9
  • Small format- 35″
  • Glass plate
  • Resolution of 5600 dpi