Project Description


The EDS GAMMA is an innovative A1 desktop planetary scanner and it’s the latest addition to the METIS EDS family (Easy Digital Scanner). The EDS is a new line of professional scanners that has been created by METIS in order to overcome the usual limitations inherent this category of products. In particular, to offer a superior image quality, ergonomics, ease of use and high productivity in a unique integrated solution. The EDS GAMMA integrates an innovative V-Table design supported by specific software tools in order to hold the originals in any possible position/angle. The V-table accepts and gently holds various types of originals in an optimal manner, even antique books with limited opening angle. It allows scanning large books, maps, drawings and many types of originals even larger than the A1 format and up to 15cm of thickness. Thanks to the METIS exclusive “shape recognition” and “curvature correction” technology, which is integrated into the EDS software, the document shape is detected in real time and the acquired image is deskewed in a fraction of second delivering a perfect result. The METIS EDS software can even recognize the operator’s fingers and remove them from the image. The EDS GAMMA integrates a unique innovative lighting system which includes 4 lamps that can be positioned and tilted independently. This allows to optimize the light distribution over the scan area by maximizing uniformity and minimizing reflections.

  • Scan area size and resolution can vary according to user needs thanks to the integrated zoom optics and to the variable camera height and position; this makes possible to acquire very large originals (even larger then the A1 format) or increase the optical resolution over 800PPI on smaller formats.
  • Unique V-table solution with automatic shape recognition,deskew and curvature correction features.
  • Unrivaled image quality that is far beyond any other similar solution.
  • Extremely rapid acquisition time (about 30 full scans per minute).
  • Integrated METIS LED lighting solution with advanced software control and 3D features.
  • Comprehensive EDS acquisition software with many powerful and useful features.
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