METIS is an Italian company specialized in designing and manufacturing high quality scanners for the cultural heritage (Historical archives, Libraries, Museums, etc.) and the Reproduction industry. Recent digitization of the Atlantic Codex, the largest collection of writings by Leonardo De Vinci, was done using a METIS scanner. The new METIS DRS DCS scanners are the most advanced professional scanners today available in terms of technology and image quality as evident by all the technical tests carried out so far by leading Italian and foreign institutions. Moreover, productivity of the DRS DCS family are in line with the performance of the quickest scanners available on the market while the image quality, however, is incomparably higher.

In a market characterized by a growing demand for low cost mass digitization METIS decides to take the path of uncompromising quality in order to produce scanners that represent a point of comparison for all the digital imaging world. The METIS DRS family is today the “Ferrari” of all digital scanners with impeccable performances.